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    MQ4200 Veneer Shearing machine

    MQ4200 Veneer Shearing machine
    Product name锛MQ4200 Veneer Shearing machine
    This machine adopts world-level advanced technology with fine process and can be used in the superimposition processing of thin wood, sheet paper, etc. It is the ideal equipment for the manufactures of three-ply board, five-ply board, multiplayer, density board, lumber core plywood, furniture, paper and decorative materials. It is well sold in more than 20 provinces and cities and also exported to Southeast Asia with good reputation. This machine adopts electromagnetic braking three-phase asynchronous motor with smooth performance and sensitive and stable braking velocity. With advanced photoelectric protector, the operation is even more safe and reliable. The feeding system of this machine has two operation modes which are manual and automatic feeding for the customer operation. The automatic feeding adopts international advanced digital counter to make the processing size more precise and the higher quality. The pressing system of this machine adopts dual modes of hydraulic and air pressure for the user’s option.
    The feeding system adopts the advanced guide-way lathe with precise input and positioning which solves the problem of non-uniform cutting.
    No contamination to the material saving cost and convenient maintenance.
    Novelty structure, advanced and rational design, easy to handle
    Both knife and press plate adopt cast iron with good satiability
    The feeding attachment particularly fit for edge enveloping

    Parameter/model MJB2700 MJB3200 MJB1500
    Maximum cutting length 2700mm 3150mm 1450mm
    Maximum cutting thickness 50mm(depends on wood natural) 50mm(depends on wood nature) 50mm(depends on wood nature)
    Motor power 2.57kw-4.37kw 3.37kw-4.37kw 2.57kw
    Working pressure 0.4-0.7Mpa 0.4-0.7Mpa 0.4-0.7Mpa
    External dimension(L*W*T) 4120mm*1380mm*1880mm 4550mm*1380mm*1880mm 3000*1380*1880mm
    Weight 2600kg 2900kg 2500kg

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