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    B420/B330 Vertical veneer slicer

    B420/B330 Vertical veneer slicer
    Product name锛B420/B330 Vertical veneer slicer
    This machine absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad is a single way slab made by the advanced technology of USA, Canada, Taiwan experts and researched with Shandong Technology University. This machine sets up many security systems with high automation degree, and smooth working. It has been applied five patents, which is the ideal equipment for producing up-marketing wood slices.
    Oil supplying intently controlled by computer which can guarantee lubricating in usual and saving oil.
    It adopts Italian clutch, barking in emergency immediately and the operation is even more safe and reliable, protecting the generator and saving the energy. The blade is designed on basis of advanced machine structure both at home and abroad which makes the size more precise, the quality higher and the working life longer.

    Main parameters B420 B330
    Max. Workpiece size 4090x900x760mm 3300x760x500mm
    Slicer blade size 4200x200x20mm 3380x200x19mm
    Slicing thickness 0.1-3.5mm 0.1-3.5mm
    Max. slicing speed 90pcs/min 80pcs/min
    Wood clamping method Hydraulic control Hydraulic control
    Main moter 45kw (frequency conversion) 37kw(frequency conversion)
    Feeding motor 3.5kw*2 3kw*2
    Circulating heat water motor 1.5kw 1.5kw
    Veneer transport motor 2.2kw 1.1kw
    Motor of oil pump 11kw 7.5kw
    Weight 48T 32T
    Overall dimension 6900x5100x4100mm 5680x4200x3300mm

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